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The 21 best beauty Advent calendars for 2022

Chocolate Advent calendars are great for kids, but how about something more luxurious for grown-ups? The best beauty Advent calendars for 2021 will add a touch of sparkle to every day in December.

ByLouise Baty| Last updated Jan 14, 2022

Chocolate Advent calendars are great for kids, but how about something more luxurious for grown-ups? The best beauty Advent calendars for 2021 will add a touch of sparkle to every day in December.\u00a0<\/p>","value":"

Chocolate Advent calendars are great for kids, but how about something more luxurious for grown-ups? The best beauty Advent calendars for 2021 will add a touch of sparkle to every day in December.\u00a0<\/p>"},{"meta_id":110031,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by_body","meta_value":"a:55:{i:0;s:7:\"content\";i:1;s:3:\"mpu\";i:2;s:7:\"content\";i:3;s:5:\"image\";i:4;s:6:\"button\";i:5;s:5:\"image\";i:6;s:6:\"button\";i:7;s:6:\"button\";i:8;s:5:\"image\";i:9;s:6:\"button\";i:10;s:5:\"image\";i:11;s:6:\"button\";i:12;s:5:\"image\";i:13;s:6:\"button\";i:14;s:5:\"image\";i:15;s:6:\"button\";i:16;s:5:\"image\";i:17;s:6:\"button\";i:18;s:6:\"button\";i:19;s:5:\"image\";i:20;s:6:\"button\";i:21;s:5:\"image\";i:22;s:6:\"button\";i:23;s:5:\"image\";i:24;s:6:\"button\";i:25;s:5:\"image\";i:26;s:6:\"button\";i:27;s:5:\"image\";i:28;s:6:\"button\";i:29;s:5:\"image\";i:30;s:6:\"button\";i:31;s:6:\"button\";i:32;s:5:\"image\";i:33;s:6:\"button\";i:34;s:5:\"image\";i:35;s:6:\"button\";i:36;s:5:\"image\";i:37;s:6:\"button\";i:38;s:5:\"image\";i:39;s:6:\"button\";i:40;s:6:\"button\";i:41;s:5:\"image\";i:42;s:6:\"button\";i:43;s:5:\"image\";i:44;s:6:\"button\";i:45;s:5:\"image\";i:46;s:6:\"button\";i:47;s:5:\"image\";i:48;s:6:\"button\";i:49;s:6:\"button\";i:50;s:7:\"content\";i:51;s:6:\"button\";i:52;s:7:\"content\";i:53;s:3:\"mpu\";i:54;s:7:\"content\";}","value":["content","mpu","content","image","button","image","button","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","image","button","button","content","button","content","mpu","content"]},{"meta_id":110037,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by_body_0_content","meta_value":"

If you\u2019re already counting down to Christmas, we have some, ahem, tree-mendous news for you. All of this season\u2019s beauty Advent calendars are now on sale.<\/p>

They may be pricier than your average chocolate Advent calendars but they\u2019re a LOT better for your waistline (and skin, nails and hair), and can make each day feel special.\u00a0<\/p>","value":"

If you\u2019re already counting down to Christmas, we have some, ahem, tree-mendous news for you. All of this season\u2019s beauty Advent calendars are now on sale.<\/p>

They may be pricier than your average chocolate Advent calendars but they\u2019re a LOT better for your waistline (and skin, nails and hair), and can make each day feel special.\u00a0<\/p>"},{"meta_id":1070637,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_edit_last","meta_value":"10","value":"10"},{"meta_id":1070638,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_expiration-date-status","meta_value":"saved","value":"saved"},{"meta_id":1070639,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_edit_lock","meta_value":"1642169451:10","value":"1642169451:10"},{"meta_id":1070666,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_metadata_meta_title","meta_value":"field_5ff8482f6b791","value":"field_5ff8482f6b791"},{"meta_id":1070667,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_metadata_meta_description","meta_value":"field_5ff848406b792","value":"field_5ff848406b792"},{"meta_id":1070668,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"metadata_do_not_allow_indexing","meta_value":"0","value":"0"},{"meta_id":1070669,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_metadata_do_not_allow_indexing","meta_value":"field_60255d5f751c0","value":"field_60255d5f751c0"},{"meta_id":1070670,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"metadata","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070671,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_metadata","meta_value":"field_5fd3830066848","value":"field_5fd3830066848"},{"meta_id":1070672,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"meta_data","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070673,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_meta_data","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25a910f","value":"field_5fdb8d25a910f"},{"meta_id":1070674,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"show_sponsored_content_disclaimer","meta_value":"1","value":"1"},{"meta_id":1070675,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_show_sponsored_content_disclaimer","meta_value":"field_607046b8f3d5e","value":"field_607046b8f3d5e"},{"meta_id":1070676,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_standfirst","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25a9512","value":"field_5fdb8d25a9512"},{"meta_id":1070677,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"content_author","meta_value":"30625","value":"30625"},{"meta_id":1070678,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_content_author","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25a9b5f","value":"field_5fdb8d25a9b5f"},{"meta_id":1070679,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hero_image","meta_value":"19098","value":"19098"},{"meta_id":1070680,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hero_image","meta_value":"field_6001d021460de","value":"field_6001d021460de"},{"meta_id":1070681,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hide_hero_image","meta_value":"0","value":"0"},{"meta_id":1070682,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hide_hero_image","meta_value":"field_60d1d15460010","value":"field_60d1d15460010"},{"meta_id":1070683,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_body_swears_by_body_0_content","meta_value":"field_5ff5e32e00b35","value":"field_5ff5e32e00b35"},{"meta_id":1070684,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_body_swears_by_body","meta_value":"field_5ff5e30b00b34","value":"field_5ff5e30b00b34"},{"meta_id":1070685,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070686,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_body_swears_by","meta_value":"field_5ff71851b83af","value":"field_5ff71851b83af"},{"meta_id":1070687,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"default_hub","meta_value":"21929","value":"21929"},{"meta_id":1070688,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_default_hub","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25a9d5c","value":"field_5fdb8d25a9d5c"},{"meta_id":1070689,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hub_data_hub_image","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070690,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hub_data_hub_image","meta_value":"field_5ff46fa656d18","value":"field_5ff46fa656d18"},{"meta_id":1070691,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hub_data_hub_title","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070692,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hub_data_hub_title","meta_value":"field_5ff847a9e8dce","value":"field_5ff847a9e8dce"},{"meta_id":1070693,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hub_data_hub_teaser_text","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070694,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hub_data_hub_teaser_text","meta_value":"field_5ff8686325fd2","value":"field_5ff8686325fd2"},{"meta_id":1070695,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"hub_data","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070696,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_hub_data","meta_value":"field_5ff470adba7db","value":"field_5ff470adba7db"},{"meta_id":1070697,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"manual_related_links","meta_value":"a:3:{i:0;s:4:\"7962\";i:1;s:4:\"7618\";i:2;s:4:\"7623\";}","value":["7962","7618","7623"]},{"meta_id":1070698,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_manual_related_links","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25aa157","value":"field_5fdb8d25aa157"},{"meta_id":1070699,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"sponsor","meta_value":"","value":""},{"meta_id":1070700,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_sponsor","meta_value":"field_5fdb8d25aa25b","value":"field_5fdb8d25aa25b"},{"meta_id":1997450,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"requires_login","meta_value":"0","value":"0"},{"meta_id":1997451,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_requires_login","meta_value":"field_611253d0ce5be","value":"field_611253d0ce5be"},{"meta_id":1998570,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by_body_3_title","meta_value":"1. Best overall beauty Advent calendar: Cult Beauty Advent Calendar","value":"1. Best overall beauty Advent calendar: Cult Beauty Advent Calendar"},{"meta_id":1998571,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_body_swears_by_body_3_title","meta_value":"field_602a92c901c21","value":"field_602a92c901c21"},{"meta_id":1998572,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by_body_3_image_image","meta_value":"25637","value":"25637"},{"meta_id":1998573,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"_body_swears_by_body_3_image_image","meta_value":"field_5ff70e497941a","value":"field_5ff70e497941a"},{"meta_id":1998574,"post_id":7895,"meta_key":"body_swears_by_body_3_image_text","meta_value":"

Price: \u00a3215 (worth over \u00a3960) | Buy now from Cult Beauty<\/a> <\/strong>(update: now sold out)<\/p>

\u201cI really wanted the Cult Beauty one last year but it had sold out before I could purchase it. Going to try really hard to get it this year, if the contents are still good!\u201d<\/em> Charlottemh<\/a><\/p>

\u201cI had Cult Beauty last year too and loved it. I\u2019m still using the Votary Oil because the bottle was so big. It had a really decent amount of full sizes which makes such a difference.\u201d<\/em> Betsy88<\/a><\/p>

A Mumsnet favourite by all accounts, this year\u2019s edition of the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar is better than ever. While it\u2019s certainly an investment purchase at \u00a3215, you\u2019ll get an incredible 38 high-end beauty products worth \u00a3960.\u00a0<\/p>

Only travel- or full-sized goodies are included such as Jordan Samuel Skin full-size Hydrate the Mist, Victoria Beckham Beauty full-size Posh Lipstick in 'Pout,' FARMACY travel-size Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, and Live Tinted full-size Hueglow in 'Dawn.'\u00a0<\/p>

It\u2019s ethical too, with Cult Beauty donating \u00a340,000 from calendar sales to the charitable Beauty Backed Trust<\/a>. The beauty Advent calendar market may be crowded but, as one happy Mumsnetter reported: \u201cCult Beauty is leading the field.\u201d<\/p>

Beauty advent calendar

If you’re already counting down to Christmas, we have some, ahem, tree-mendous news for you. All of this season’s beauty Advent calendars are now on sale.

They may be pricier than your average chocolate Advent calendars but they’re a LOT better for your waistline (and skin, nails and hair), and can make each day feel special.


And, let’s be honest, we all deserve some extra TLC in the depths of winter. As一个卡梅隆enthuses:“I only got a calendar for the first time last year on a bit of a whim as I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday. Never really been into skincare but trying all the different products has made me obsessed! So I'm really excited to be able to research and choose on properly this year knowing more of what I do/don't like.”

First things first, we've discounted calendars only covering 12 days because we reckon Mumsnetters deserve a treat every day of December. All the calendars in our list feature 24 or 25 scrummy gifts.

When do beauty Advent calendars go on sale in 2021?

所有美出现日历现在销售——在fact, some are already now sold out and we've made a note of these below.

Whether you’re looking for a daily skincare treat, a budget-friendly Advent calendar or a blow-the-budget beauty calendar, we’ve got them all.

Here are the best beauty Advent calendars for 2021.

1. Best overall beauty Advent calendar: Cult Beauty Advent Calendar

cult beauty advent calendar

Price: £215 (worth over £960) |Buy now from Cult Beauty(update: now sold out)

“I really wanted the Cult Beauty one last year but it had sold out before I could purchase it. Going to try really hard to get it this year, if the contents are still good!”Charlottemh

“I had Cult Beauty last year too and loved it. I’m still using the Votary Oil because the bottle was so big. It had a really decent amount of full sizes which makes such a difference.”Betsy88

A Mumsnet favourite by all accounts, this year’s edition of the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar is better than ever. While it’s certainly an investment purchase at £215, you’ll get an incredible 38 high-end beauty products worth £960.

只包括苏旅行或全尺寸产品ch as Jordan Samuel Skin full-size Hydrate the Mist, Victoria Beckham Beauty full-size Posh Lipstick in 'Pout,' FARMACY travel-size Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, and Live Tinted full-size Hueglow in 'Dawn.'

It’s ethical too, with Cult Beauty donating £40,000 from calendar sales to the charitableBeauty Backed Trust. The beauty Advent calendar market may be crowded but, as one happy Mumsnetter reported: “Cult Beauty is leading the field.”

2. Best budget beauty Advent calendar: Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

holland & barrett beauty advent calendar

Price: £45 |Buy now from Holland & Barrett(update: now sold out)

“假日land and Barrett is great. DD had it last year and the year before. Really good for the price.”OchonAgusOchonOh

“Yes, yes to all the people raving about the H&B one. It was really good - I got it for DD and bagged anything she couldn't use.”clary

Mumsnetters wax lyrical about this vegan Advent calendar and one said: “I'm definitely going to get the Holland & Barrett one again as I loved it last year […] It's one of the cheaper ones at £45 and I think it's great value for money. I really like it as it's heavy on the skincare with no makeup. Last year we got some lovely bath oil, a Korean brand of toner that was just divine, a couple of day creams and then some random stuff like a reusable ear bud. All the products are vegan- and eco-friendly and generally affordable if you want to get the full-size product, although many of the products were actually full-sized anyway.”

Featuring sustainable brands including AromaWorks, Weleda, Dr Organic and Eden, you’ll also find money-off vouchers for future purchases. It comes in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging too so your eco conscience will be as clear as your skin.

3. Most popular beauty Advent calendar: M&S Collection Beauty Advent Calendar

M&S beauty Advent calendar

Price: £47 when you spend £30 across clothing, home and beauty |Buy now from M&S(update: now sold out)

"I’d really like it. It has several things I’d use [and] two of the products I already use regularly (the REN Evercalm Day Cream and the REN hand moisturiser)."AnnieSnap

Always popular with Mumsnetters and eagerly anticipated this year after M&S kept us all on tenterhooks, the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar is now on sale!

它以一个数组的治疗包括纯Super Hydrate Day Cream, Aveda Botanical Repair™ Leave-In Treatment, Black Magic: The Cocoa Edit Mascara in Brown, REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash and Hand Lotion, and Gold Wrinkle Repair Night Crème, to name but a few.

What's more, you can bag this calendar - worth a whopping £300! - for just £40 if you also spend £30 across M&S clothing, home and beauty.

4. Best makeup Advent calendar: No7 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

no7 beauty advent calendar

Price: £47 (worth £184) |Buy now from Boots

“I love the Boots No7 one. Get it every year. Great value for money and love the contents. Although I now have several pairs of tweezers!”ArsenicNLace

Crammed with classics, No7’s Beauty Advent Calendar is famously popular and sells out in days. No surprise as it’s superb value considering how much the products would cost to buy separately. While the exact contents haven’t been released, gems from 2020’s Advent calendar included No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil, No7 Extreme Length Mascara, No7 Skin Illuminator Nude, two No7 Gel Finish Nail colours and No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream.

There’s also a chance to win £1,000 worth of No7 goodies if you find one of 10 golden tickets hidden inside the Beauty Calendar. This year, there’s even more to get excited about as Boots are also releasing a No7 Ultimate Beauty Calendar.

5. Best skincare Advent calendar: SpaceNK The Beauty Advent Calendar

spacenk beauty advent calendar

Price: £199 (worth £744) |Buy now from Space NK(update: now sold out)

“Space NK is definitely top of my list so far.”LarsErickssong

“SpaceNK is an easy front runner. Looks like it might be the one for me. Lots of nice skincare and I prefer that to makeup. Love the design this year too. Quite romantic looking.”LastSummerHere

You’ll find over £740 of fabulous skincare heroes along with some stellar haircare and makeup goodies tucked away behind 24 doors in this chic beauty Advent calendar. Treats include Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara, Dr Barbara Sturm Hylaruonic Serum, Drunk Elephant O-bloos Rosi Drops & Lala Retro Whipped Cream, and The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG.

虽然不便宜,这s fast-selling luxury calendar is beloved by beauty reviewers and Mumsnetters alike, withonehappy Mumsnetter saying:“I had the Space NK one last year. It was a good mix of skincare, 'stuff' (a candle etc) and makeup.”

6. Best reusable beauty Advent calendar: L’Occitane Reusable Advent Calendar

l'occitane beauty advent calendar

Price: £160 (worth £236) |现在购买欧舒丹

“The L'Occitane recyclable one this year is a gorgeous design - fabric pockets with flowers on. It's £160 so above my usual budget but I am tempted.”JustWhatIAlwaysWanted

Filled with 24 deluxe mini products, this beautiful reusable and recycled cotton Advent Calendar has been designed in collaboration with UK illustrator Kitty McCall, and is inspired by nature.

Containing goodies for every day of Advent, you’ll find Almond Shower Oil, Shea Intensive Hand Balm, Almond Crunchy Muesli Scrub, Sunday Pinknic Intense Fruity Lipstick and a Relaxing Pillow Mist.

Once you’ve revealed all your products, pop your calendar away for next year when you buy a new set of products to stash inside for Advent 2022. Not only will it save you money long-term if you plan on getting a L'Occitane every year, it produces less waste, making it kinder on the environment.

7. Best hair and beauty Advent calendar: Feelunique Beauty Advent Calendar

feelunique beauty advent calendar

Price: £119 (worth £385.20) |Buy now from Feelunique

“I like the look of that Feelunique one. Hair products are always a winner for me.”clary

Mumsnetters rate beauty site Feelunique for the extensive range of top-brand beauty Advent calendars they sell and their very own Advent calendar is no exception.

The great thing about this calendar is that you’ll find lots of full-sized products, rather than piddly little ones, making it excellent value for money. Goodies include the Rodial Pink Diamond Mask, ELEMIS Oxygenating Night Cream, Lixirskin Universal Emulsion and Korres Wild Rose Night Brightening Sleeping Facial. The lovely box with drawers can be reused as a trinket box after the festivities have finished too.

8. Best chic beauty Advent calendar: Elle Beauty Advent Calendar

elle beauty advent calendar

Price: £149 (worth £662) |Buy now from Hearst Magazines

“The Elle one might be my favourite so far this year.”BunnytheFriendlyDragon

This 25-day Advent Calendar from Elle is presented in an ultra-stylish monochrome polka dot box. Each drawer conceals a high-end beauty treat with the total value of products hitting £662 - a great haul for the price tag.

Top picks include the Murad Intense Recovery Cream, HUDA Beauty Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara, Shani Darden Skin Care Retinol Reform, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick and Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Mini Lipstick. Fully reusable and fully recyclable, the Elle Beauty Advent Calendar is a reassuringly ethical choice too.

9. Best luxury beauty Advent calendar: Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar

liberty beauty advent calendar

Price: £215 (worth £840) |现在购买自由(update: now sold out, but themen's beauty Advent calendaris still available)

“I'm hoping to get a Liberty one this year. The actual calendar is by far the prettiest looking one.”LizzieMacQueen

“I had Liberty last year after usually having M&S or Lookfantastic. It was incredible - definitely worth the extra ££. Seriously high quality.”AtillatheHun

“I'm really tempted to treat myself to the Liberty calendar this year. Over the years I've had Rituals, Lookfantastic, Lush, M&S and No7. But this looks on another level.”Namechange7865

Granted, it’s expensive, but the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar is beautiful, classy and Christmassy - need we go on? Oh, alright then…

Inside the stunningly illustrated Liberty-themed box is £810 worth of bestsellers from Liberty’s iconic Beauty Hall. Treats include the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, Votary Brightening Hyaluronic Serum, Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, and Ren Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. There’s also a single Golden Ticket hidden inside one Beauty Advent Calendar and the lucky winner will get a £5,000 Liberty voucher .

Liberty’s beauty calendar is the most successful, fastest-selling product in their history - impressive given the central London store has been open for 145 years.

10. Best classic beauty Advent calendar: John Lewis & Partners Advent Calendar 2021

john lewis & partners advent calendar

Price: £159 |Buy now from John Lewis & Partners(update: now sold out)

“I think the John Lewis one is great and really good value.”BakeOffRewatch

You’re in safe hands with John Lewis & Partners, particularly when it comes to their 2021 Beauty Advent Calendar. A collection of 26 (yes, 26!) full- and deluxe-size products tucked into gorgeous pink and purple drawers, you’ll find a full skincare regime, makeup and haircare along with three classic fragrances.

After Christmas, you can reverse the drawers to create a pretty keepsake or jewellery box. Highlights include Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour, Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Boost, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, and Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Bath & Shower Gel.

11. Best beauty Advent calendar for vintage chic: Cath Kidston Beauty Shine Advent Calendar 2021

cath kidston beauty advent calendar

Price: £28 (was £40) |Buy now from Amazon

“I've already bought myself a Cath Kidston one.”goose1964

No one does vintage charm quite like Cath Kidston and this year’s ribbon-tied design doesn’t let the side down.

The festive box is hiding 24 beauty treats including pocket scented Pomegranate & Plum Hand Cream, Christmas Vanilla-Eggnog Lip Balm with Shea Butter, Christmas Red Berry & Cedar Soap, and Magical Woodland Bath Salts.

Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, this reasonably priced beauty Advent calendar will delight any faithful Cath Kidston fan. However, if you prefer minimalist design to quirky chintz, you’re probably best giving it a miss.

12. Best beauty Advent calendar for manicures: OPI Celebration Collection Advent Calendar

opi advent calendar

Price: £52.43 (was £60.90) |Buy now from Lookfantastic

“去年我OPI日历和amazing. A few colours weren't for me but the majority were lovely and still using them now. Can really recommend for those who love a mani/pedi. The only downside was the fact the name of the polish was written on the back of the door rather than the bottle, so I have no idea what's on my nails!”Sairafina

Calling all mani/pedi addicts – feast your cuticles on 25 gorgeous 3.75ml mini nail polishes to unleash every day in December. Featuring classic OPI shades plus products from the limited Celebration Collection, which celebrates 40 years of OPI, you’ll also get classics such as RapiDry Top Coat and Original Start to Finish.

The only hitch with this calendar is that there’s no variety so the buzz of finding yet another nail lacquer may well have worn off by day 25.

13. Best perfume Advent calendar: Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

jo malone london advent calendar

Price: £325 (worth £485) |Buy now from Jo Malone(update: currently out of stock)

“I got the Jo Malone one last year and loved it. Also as a present for my mum so I wasn't buying her tat she didn't need. Mainly little perfume bottles that do last a while, some creams and a voucher for a bottle of your choice. Well worth it.”Laaaaa

If you’re after a budget option, avert your eyes now. Jo Malone London’s Advent Calendar is the most expensive on our list, coming in at an eye-watering £325. But if you’re prepared to spend that sort of money on a beauty Advent calendar, you’ll be rewarded with scrumptious Jo Malone favourites nestled in the classy reusable box.

Feast your senses on Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne, the Pine & Eucalyptus Mini Candle, English Pear & Fressia Soap, Peony & Blush Suede Hand Cream and Orange Bitters Cologne. You’ll also find a gift voucher for a 30ml bottle of cologne of your choice after Christmas. Adored by beauty reviewers and Mumsnetters alike, this luxury Advent calendar is a smart choice for a fragrant countdown to Christmas.

14. Best beauty Advent calendar for relaxation: Rituals The Ritual of Advent 2D Calendar

rituals beauty advent calendar

Price: £59.90 (worth £120) |Buy now from Rituals

“The Rituals one looks so pretty!”LastSummerHere

“I’ve bought the Rituals ones for friends and they’ve each loved it. And they would say if they didn’t! I think Rituals products are generally really good quality for the price, and the calendar even more so.”WellTidy

A classy option for the relatively low price, this uber sparkly and festive 2D beauty Advent calendar requires a simple set-up, but a video on the Rituals website shows you how to do it.

Behind each numbered gold door is a mini Rituals product. Goodies include a candle for each week of Advent and toiletries such as The Ritual of Hammam Shampoo, The Ritual of Hammam Conditioner, Amsterdam Collection Body Mist, The Ritual of Samurai Ice Shower and The Ritual of Jing Sleep Pillow & Body Mist. If you’re happy to spend more, Rituals also offer a beautiful3D village-style Advent calendarat £89.90 (worth £150).

15. Best blow-the-budget beauty Advent calendar: Fortnum’s Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

fortnum and mason beauty advent calendar

Price: £225 (worth over £750) |Buy now from Fortnum & Mason(update: now sold out)

“I've been naughty enough to buy a few luxury calendars the past couple of years and F&M has always been my favourite. It just tends to just feel that little bit more luxurious. I've found that the sizes also tend to be slightly more generous (there's only one travel size mini this year).”MidnightMeltdown

It’s Fortnum’s, darling! The Piccadilly emporium beloved by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, no less, has produced a showstopping beauty Advent calendar to round up 2021.

Yes, it’s expensive (although not the priciest on our list, it has to be said). But this is next level luxury - all beautifully packaged in a gorgeously OTT box. It features 25 classics from Fortnum's renowned beauty hall including top-name skincare, haircare, fragrance, bath, body and wellness brands including Cult51, Bramley, ESPA, Dr Vranjes and Elizabeth Scarlett.

Top picks are the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream, Cult51 Day Cream, Instant Effects Instant Eye Lift Serum, Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 Eau de Toilette, Fortnum & Mason 1707 Lilas Eau de Parfum, and Dr Vranjes Ginger & Lime Room Spray.

16. Best for luxury skincare: Elemis Icons Beauty Advent Calendar

elemis beauty advent calendar

Price: £175 (worth £402) |Buy now from Elemis

“I went for reflexology recently and they used Elemis products and I ended up buying a few of them. Elemis have a good reputation, don't they?”Horehound

If you’re looking for some R&R as we head into the festive season, the Elemis Icons Beauty Advent Calendar could be the one for you. Offering 25 Elemis face, hair and body treats in three reusable tins behind a House of Elemis themed box, it’s ideal if you want to slow down and give yourself a chance to recuperate from a hectic year.

Daily treats include the Herbal Lavender Repair Mask, Papaya Enzyme Peel, Peptide 4 Plumping Pillow Facial, Superfood Facial Wash, Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice, and Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix.

17. Best beauty Advent calendar for beauty obsessives: Lookfantastic Beauty Advent calendar 2021

Price: £85 for subscribers |Buy now from Lookfantastic

A veritable giant in the festive beauty market, the Lookfantastic Advent Calendar has sold out for the last six years - and last year's sold out purely on pre-orders. So you'll have to be quick if you you want to bag the 2021 version.

This year's Lookfantastic calendar offers 25 top names in pro level skincare and makeup including the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, ESPA Active Nutrient Clean & Green Detox Night Mask, Aveda Botanical Repair Treatment and NARS Blush (Shade Orgasm).

Worth a total of over £414, it's pretty good value at £85. If you're a Lookfantastic subscription box subscriber, you can receive £15 off the calendar. New subscribers can receive £15 off the calendar when buying a monthly plan by using the codeADVENTNEWSUBS.

18. Best beauty Advent calendar for teens: Soap & Glory 24 Days to Prep In To Christmas

soap & glory beauty advent calendar

Price: £31.50 (was £42) |Buy now from Boots

“The Body shop and Soap & Glory were good to stock up on travel sizes.”Bananaman123

Available exclusively from Boots, Soap & Glory offers fun, accessible beauty products with a retro vibe. Their 24 Days to Prep Into Christmas 2021 Advent Calendar is concealing 24 body products, lip glosses and skincare heroes inside its zingy pink and grey box.

Treats include the Clean on Me Hydrating Body Wash, The Righteous Butter Body Butter, The Scrub Of Your Life Smoothing Body Scrub, The Rushower Scent-sational Dry Shampoo and Call Of Fruity Hydrating Hand Cream. Teens are sure to love the pun-tastic products but it might not feel grown-up enough for some beauty addicts.

19. Best eco-friendly Advent calendar: Kiehl's Limited Edition Advent Calendar

kiehl's beauty advent calendar

Price: £99 |Buy now from Kiehl's

“Kiehl’s AC details are out. I'm always tempted by this as it has a good range of their products, but it's quite pricey for the small sizes.”Ponks

Skin and haircare fanatics always rate the Kiehl’s Advent Calendar. This year, the New York beauty giant’s Christmas countdown also ticks eco-friendly boxes too as it’s fully recyclable with no plastics.

Crammed full of Kiehl’s bestsellers in a festive but typically quirky box, this beauty Advent calendar is more affordable than some of our high-end offerings. Daily treats include the Calendula Mask, Powerful Strength Eye Serum, Avocado Eye Cream, Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner, and Crème de Corps which should keep you looking glowy and fresh until well into New Year.

20. Best for winter skincare: Nivea Ski Lodge

nivea ski lodge advent calendar

Price: £36.50 |Buy now from Amazon

“I had a Nivea one last year. I’m not hugely into beauty stuff and expensive lotions etc but loved this as the simple stuff like moisturiser and face masks all got used up(some as emergency spares).”TKRedLemonade

A brilliant option for Nivea skincare fans, Nivea Ski Lodge contains 24 individual products. Designed to help you beat winter chills and chapped skin, you’ll find Nivea favourites including hand cream, lip balm, a face mask, shower cream, makeup remover, sleeping mask, nail file, shower puff, beauty blender, and hair bobble.

It won’t be luxe enough for some beauty addicts, but is an affordable option suitable for most ages.

21. Best beauty Advent calendar for festive glam: GlossyBox Surprise Me Advent Calendar

glossybox beauty advent calendar

Price: Subscriber price £85, non-subscriber price £105 (worth £465) |Buy now from GlossyBox

“Last year I got DD (15) the glossy box Advent calendar as she really wanted mainly makeup and hair things.”BoofTheFloof

Featuring 25 beauty treats, including 15 full-sized products, GlossyBox is a firm favourite on our forums.

The pastel pink and metallic marble-effect box is très chic and will add sparkle to any room. This luxury beauty calendar offers a great selection of makeup must-haves along with skincare and haircare heroes from renowned brands including Molton Brown, Elemis, Rodial and Huda Beauty.

  • Release date:On saleto subscribers now and on general sale 13 October

Is Amazon doing a beauty Advent calendar?

Yes, Amazon have bought out abeauty Advent calendar for 2021and if it lives up to last year’s sell-out design, beauty fans should be in for a treat. Amazon’s 2021 calendar costs £70 for 24 products (including 15 full-size) worth £260.

What is the best beauty Advent calendar for 2021?

The best beauty Advent calendar for 2021 is the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar as it offers 38 high-end skin and haircare products worth a total of £960, which should delight any beauty fan.

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