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artisanscotcheggs 29-19-19 01:44:10

Just that really.

I don't know if I'm being an old grump or not, but I really don't see why a young child needs a smartwatch. Fiancé's ex wife wants to get one for the child they had together. He actually agrees with me, neither of us think she needs one, we could get her a standard watch until she's a bit older. I'm just trying to gauge it we are both being grouches. I'm the kind of person who finds it completely bizarre when i hear parents talking about their child's new iPad - only to find out they're four years old or something. Who gives a four year old an iPad? You can buy lower priced tablets that won't break the bank when they are inevitably broken within five minutes. I'm genuinely stunned.

年代he has supervised time on a tablet and also some time gaming on a Nintendo switch that belongs to her father, but those things are always supervised, and don't involve any socialising online.

年代o Mumsnet, am I being Oscar The Grouch, or is a plain non internet watch quite enough for a soon to be six year old?


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artisanscotcheggs 1月29日星期二17:04:53

@lanbrothank you for the info.

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EMZW12 Tue 29-Jan-19 17:06:42

You can get child specific step counters - ie they just count steps don't do phone calls etc. I'll send you a link - could be good for encouraging physical activity. = Google&device = M&DSkids=92700040196576508&tgtid=1050%20(PLA)%20SMART%20FITNESS%20-%20Adaptive&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzLr6-byT4AIVprXtCh3ErwcuEAQYByABEgIAvPDd_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Suzabell83 Tue 29-Jan-19 17:08:16


Ashvivienne 1月29日星期二17:10:08


整个epond55 1月29日星期二17:33:48

No, no child 'needs' any device, literally speaking. But I guess my thoughts are that if the child's mother wants her to have one她将承担全部费用然后,无论如何,请去亲爱的。它一定会被打破,迷失或可能被盗,因此不会永远是“问题”。

But would I contribute to the cost? No. And I'd probably also tell her to keep it at her house when the child comes for access time.

罗杰班尼斯特 Tue 29-Jan-19 17:44:00

No hatred for step-parents here, ‘dear’, I’m a step-parent - and what my step-daughter’s mother chooses to buy her is none of my business.


catspawsandwhiskers Tue 29-Jan-19 18:01:29


We did. I don't think that makes us bad parents but judge away.



artisanscotcheggs Tue 29-Jan-19 18:16:53


It's okay, any excuse to bash folks who invest time, money, love, and effort into a child's life that isn't a biological parent. Several folks have made that quite clear. I'll just tune you out now.

Thank you to everyone else who provided constructive opinions, I appreciate them. There seems to be a healthy amount of for/against on either side.

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catspawsandwhiskers 1月29日星期二18:33:24



克里斯塔马多斯 1月29日星期二18:49:41

@ITSBRITNEYBIATCHESthat Oaxis watch sounds pretty useful and a alot better than slapping a Apple Watch on a kid which is gonna be far to complex for a small child and not to mention useless if you get the normally version and rediculous expensive if you get the cellular version. Is the Oaxis rugged as from the videos I've seen it looks like it might take a few hits and be broken?

itsbritneybiatches 1月29日星期二19:14:44


我喜欢它。她是一个非常杂乱的孩子nd it's had a few knocks and I'm sure it's been dropped a few times too.

我尝试了好看的手表 - 按钮掉了
Off before we even put it on and it feels cheap. The newer version might be better.

We tried another couple but I can't think of the names now.



The app is nice to use aswell. A few of the others were not great to use.


年代chool mode
Emoji and voice message
Video call
White list for contacts

Teateaandmoretea 1月29日星期二19:15:06


FFS it's just a watch I can't believe the drama . Talk about first world problems.

整个epond55 1月29日星期二21:42:27



Limensoda Tue 29-Jan-19 21:46:50



Mamasita3 Tue 28-May-19 07:50:51


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